Our services for the student growth

Secondary GCSEs and IGCSEs Examinations

Our tutors offer a wide range of subjects ranging from English, Mathematics, Geography, Computer and IT, Business Studies, Sciences including Physics, Chemistry and Biology with very good and outstanding results. All of our tutors are specialist these subjects and in some cases, our private tutors can teach more than one of the disciplines.  We will always make sure that we understand the specific needs of your child so that we can match you with a suitably qualified and experienced tutor during the assessment.

11+ and SATs Examination preparation

Key stage 2 require children to master core skills in maths and English including reading and writing and they are required to write a Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) at the end of this stage. Moreover grammar and some independent schools require applicants to sit 11+ entrance examinations as a basis for admission to these competitive schools.

This means that children have to be very secure in these core skills as they progress through the KS2 curriculum. Our tutors are well versed and conversant with these curriculum areas and can support learning in all the subjects in the key stage 2 curriculum. They can also help with preparation for SATs and 11+ school entrance exams in year 6.

preparation for 11+ examinations ideally begins at year 4 and progresses through to year 6 although late entrants may still be offered a chance subject to assessment.

A level GCE Examinations

Preparing and getting the grades needed for university admission can be stressful period for the sixth form students.  Knowing which subjects give the best course combination can also be very confusing. Our consultants offer advice and guidance throughout this process to ensure that subject choices match future career objectives. Our tutors are very good at working with sixth form students to support them boost grades and prepare for exams. Because Science subjects are valued as ‘hard’ subjects, a good grade can be a passport to the best universities and courses and to a future illustrious career.

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