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STEM Activities and Resources For Home Learning.

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In today’s fast-paced world, equipping children with a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is more important than ever. Home learning presents a unique opportunity to dive deep into these subjects, providing a flexible and tailored learning experience. Whether you’re a parent seeking to supplement your child’s education or looking for ways to keep them engaged with productive activities, there are countless resources and activities available. So, what are the best STEM activities and resources for home learning?

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1. Online Learning Platforms

Utilise online platforms like Khan Academy, Coursera, or edX, which offer a wide range of STEM courses and activities for all age groups. These platforms often include interactive lessons, videos, and quizzes that make learning fun and effective.

2. DIY Science Experiments

There’s no better way to learn science than by doing. You can easily set up experiments at home using everyday materials. From creating a baking soda volcano to exploring the principles of electricity with a lemon battery, the possibilities are endless. Websites like Science Bob or Steve Spangler Science have tons of ideas to get you started.

3. Coding for Kids

Introduce your child to the world of coding with kid-friendly programming languages like Scratch or platforms like Code.org. These resources make learning to code interactive and fun, teaching kids the basics of computer programming through games and stories.

4. Math Games and Puzzles

Strengthen math skills with online games and puzzles. Websites like Cool Math Games or Math Playground offer a plethora of games that cover topics from basic arithmetic to more complex problem-solving challenges.

5. Engineering Projects

Encourage your child to think like an engineer with hands-on projects. Whether it’s building a simple machine, designing a bridge out of spaghetti, or creating a water filtration system, these projects can spark an interest in engineering and help develop problem-solving skills.

6. Astronomy and Space Exploration

Explore the universe from your living room with resources like NASA’s website, which offers a treasure trove of activities, videos, and interactive simulations. You can also use apps like Star Walk to observe the night sky and learn about different constellations and celestial bodies.

7. Robotics and Electronics Kits

Invest in a robotics or electronics kit that kids can build and program themselves. Brands like LEGO Mindstorms, Snap Circuits, or Makey Makey offer kits that are not only educational but also incredibly fun to work with.

8. Virtual Field Trips and Museums

Take advantage of virtual field trips to museums, zoos, and historical sites. Many institutions around the world offer online tours and educational resources, allowing kids to explore new subjects and cultures from home.


By incorporating these STEM activities and resources into your home learning routine, you can provide your child with a rich and varied education that prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow. With curiosity as their guide and the world as their classroom, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

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